Creepy Haunted Houses that makes your Blood Run Cold

Around Halloween, we get to pretend we are playing dress-up. Throughout The month of October we adults get to attend Halloween parties and be whomever or whatever we wish to be. We do not need to be the guy in the next cubicle for an evening. We could be a soldier, mummy, or all-powerful vampire. For a lot of us, Halloween is our time to be somebody else. We can make or purchase our capes and tights and parade across the parties such as actors.

haunted house in Ohio

The Halloween props you see inside and outside of haunted house in Ohio at Halloween add to the feeling of escape. My wife and I go all out at Halloween, decorating the driveway and sometimes even turning the garage into a haunted house.  It is fun for us and the neighbours. Will haunting your house make you money or in any way add to your financial condition not really. But, it is entertainment and, believe it or not, family entertainment. We love seeing area families come to trick or treat at our house and brave the haunted garage. The children squeal with glee and the parents leave with smiles on their faces. You need to have Halloween props to add to that feeling of escapism.

Let’s not forget about the films on television and at the Movie theatres at Halloween. I know some people do not like horror films or monster films as some folks call them but they have a place in society. Everything comes back to escaping reality. I do not watch horror films to enjoy the violence. I enjoy seeing Jason, Freddy or Leather face get defeated in the long run. However, the suspense of those films and feeling that I am taken from the normal world is exciting. Worrying about Leather face or a group of evil space aliens for an hour and a half is much more fun than worrying about bills or nuclear power plants bursting in Japan. I know Leather face will stay trapped in the TV at the end of the evening.

I challenge those people who do not celebrate Halloween to step from their comfort zones and revel in the holiday this coming fall. Buy some Halloween candy, a festive costume and Halloween props. Even if all you do is hang a few Cobwebs, wear an alien mask and watch old Monsters episodes on TV, give the vacation a go. We all need to escape our lives once in a while and Halloween is the best time.